Friday, January 13, 2012

Sweet Sentiments

written by Sweet Mascot

Well readers, Christmas may be well and truly over but that doesn’t mean there’s no more occasions to get excited about! Can you guess what I’m talking about? It’s going to happen in just over a month’s time? You might be marking it by sending a card? Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about Valentines Day…

It's a Sweet Mascot Valentine card!
And what better way to celebrate this wonderful day than with a beautiful card featuring me! What? We’re all allowed to blow our own trumpets now and again, aren’t we :) Anyway, you can buy these amazing cards at the KawaiiPunk Zazzle and CafePress shops and I reckon they’d be absolutely perfect for that big day gesture! Although I suppose you could always go for one of my colleagues like the Lovestruck, Cute, or Adorable Mascots. But then again, I think we all know who the sweetest choice would be - tee hee :)

Your Valentine helper,
Sweet Mascot :)