Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monthly Round-up. January 2012

written by Ed Mascot

Incredible! The first month of 2012 is already over! And what a month it was! A month that saw us meet a happy Grumpy Mascot, a skinny Greedy Mascot, and even an upgraded Gadget Mascot! And what about all those super cool designers we met, like Kannaya, Wear It Cuter, and Beata Viscera to name a few! And let’s not forget our monthly puzzle! Did you work out which hat belonged to the Loco Mascot?

Did you work out which hat belonged to the Loco Mascot?
Amazing, it was Hat B! Who’d have thought, huh? Anyway, folks, that’s all for this month. And sadly, due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, that’s also all for the KawaiiPunk blog for the time being. But don’t be too upset, you can still get your kawaii fix over at the KawaiiPunk Twitter page - provided I can get my fellow mascots to use it that is! And hopefully we’ll all be right back here later in the year, blogging away bigger and better than ever! But in the meantime - a big thank you to all of our wonderful readers who have supported us over the past three years, and remember… whatever you do, keep it kawaii!

See you all soon.
Your host with the most,
Ed Mascot :)


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