Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Not Grumpy New Year!

Readers' Art

Dear Grumpy Mascot,

I’m writing to you in an effort to cheer you up. You see, having thoroughly enjoyed the recent festive season, and all the parties that go with it, I’ve decided my new years resolution will be to make people smile. And what better place to start this endeavour than with your own grumpy self! Which brings me to this…

Happy New Year Grumpy Mascot!
Yip, that’s right, it’s a picture I’ve drawn of yourself with a big old smile on your face, and I’ve even placed it on a Danger Mouse comic strip to pack in a bit more fun! I know, it is a work of genius, isn’t it! Anyway, I do hope this astounding artistic effort cheers you up a bit and gets your new year off to a suitably smiley start! Have fun!

Spreading the joy,
Doreen Dimbleby. Aged 81.

Grumpy Mascot replies...

Unbelievable! Just when I thought the festive madness was over, this happens! I mean honestly, do you readers really expect me to take this stuff seriously! A picture of me smiling! Ain’t gonna happen, folks!

Thank you for wasting my time (again!),
Grumpy Mascot :(

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