Monday, December 5, 2011

KawaiiPunk Christmas Goodies

written by Frost Mascot

Woo hoo! It’s December! My favourite time of the year, bar none! Well, being the Frost Mascot I’m hardly likely to be singing the praises of July now am I? Of course not! But it’s not just the lovely freezing cold December weather I’m excited about! Oh no! It’s also the festivities that go with it! Can you guess what I’m talking about? I’m pretty sure you can…it’s Christmas! Yippee!

KawaiiPunk Christmas stickers at RedBubble
And what does Christmas mean? It means me and my colleague the Snowman Mascot finally get a chance to show off our wonderfully wintry wares to you lot. Like the amazingly cool stickers pictured above available at the KawaiiPunk RedBubble shop! Or if they don’t get your festive juices flowing, then why not visit our Zazzle or CafePress shops to see if anything takes your fancy! Like our cards, clothing or badges for instance? Any one of which I reckon would make an ideal Christmas present! But then again, I reckon I would say that, wouldn’t I? Ho ho ho!

Walking in a winter wonderland,
Frost Mascot :)

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