Friday, November 4, 2011

Walking Wonder!

Readers' Art

Dear Imp Mascot,

As a fan of all things fun I thought you might like to see a recent artwork I created that took its inspiration from your own sweet self! Well… artwork is probably something of an overstatement! It’s more of a crude novelty toy I knocked up in about five minutes to keep the kids amused! But as this blog doesn’t actually have a “Readers’ Crude Novelty Toy” section I guess we’ll both have to settle for artwork instead! Anyway, here it is…

It's a walking wonder Imp Mascot paper cutout toy!
As you can see it’s basically a picture of yourself with finger holes cut out where your legs should be. Which means fingers can be inserted where the aforementioned legs should have been, and with a little bit of nimble dexterity the illusion of walking can be created! Or running! Or skipping, hopping, or even falling over! I reckon it’s pretty cool for five minutes work! What do you think?

Yours curiously,
Jemima Jenkins. Aged 32.

Imp Mascot replies...

Jemima, I absolutely love it! Although I have to disagree with your assertion that it’s not an artwork! After all, around these parts I am often referred to as a piece of work! Tee hee!

Yours impishly,
Imp Mascot :)

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