Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Forecasting Ink Rain

written by Wrestler Mascot

When I first joined the KawaiiPunk mascots I did worry about how much I could contribute to this blog. After all, being a wrestler doesn’t exactly lend itself to the fluffy world of kawaii! But thankfully, both for you and myself, these concerns proved to be premature. For not only have I managed to find a cute shop, I’ve also found some cute wrestlers too!

Ink Rain at RedBubble
Welcome to the wonderful world of Ink Rain. Pretty cool, isn’t it? At the Ink Rain RedBubble shop you can find the wonderful designs shown above on t-shirts, kids clothes, and stickers - and those are just some of the designs available! There’s also cats, horses, zebras, and even a duck billed platypus waiting there for you! And, of course, there’s also my personal favourite… lots and lots of wrestlers! Fantastic!

Your sporting buddy,
Wrestler Mascot :)

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