Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Hullabaloo! Pumpkin Mascot?

written by Puzzle Mascot

Hooray! It’s puzzle time! And this month I’ve got a truly diabolical one for you! A puzzle so terrifying it’ll even have the Monster Mascot running for the hills! Can you guess what kind of puzzle it is? That’s right, it’s a Halloween puzzle! And what do we need for a Halloween puzzle? Why, a pumpkin of course! And what do we do with that pumpkin? Well, let’s have a look…

Can you work out which Mascot is wearing the ill fitting pumpkin?
Yip, that’s right, we stick that aforementioned pumpkin on someone’s head! But wait! It looks like the eye holes in this particular pumpkin are in the wrong place for this mascot’s head! What a disaster! I guess this mascot is just going to have to find himself another pumpkin to complete his Halloween costume! So the question is… can you work out which mascot is under the ill fitting pumpkin before he takes it off? Well, can you? Find out if you can when the answer is revealed in this month’s monthly round-up!

Happy scrutinizing,
Puzzle Mascot :)

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