Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Creepily Cute Mascot!

Readers' Emails

Dear Cute Mascot,

As a regular reader I reckon I know this blog as well as I do the back of my own hand. And given that we’ve now reached the month of October that can only mean one thing! You know what I’m talking about - the annual transformation from the KawaiiPunk Kawaii Mascot Blog into the KawaiiPunk Halloween Monster Fest Blog! And so, I thought to myself, what greater opportunity could there be for me to create another one of my amazing mascot makeovers? So here goes…

It's a cute to creepy mascot makeover!
Ta da! As you can see this particular mascot makeover has something of a twist to it. Rather than trying to improve your look, by making you look even cuter, I’ve decided instead to make you look as hideous as possible - all in the name of Halloween, of course! I’ve achieved this remarkable transformation by changing your complexion, giving you some fangs, and dressing you in a full length cape - the perfect sartorial choice for many a monster! Looks great doesn’t it?

Your makeover master,
Tamara Tallulah

Cute Mascot replies...

Wow! That really is quite the transformation you’ve given me there, Tamara. Although I have to say, at the risk of raining on your parade, I still reckon I look pretty darn cute :)

Keeping it kawaii,
Cute Mascot :)

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