Monday, September 5, 2011

Lovely Egg Head!

Readers' Art
Dear Lovestruck Mascot,

I’m not really a kawaii fan or anything (in fact, truth be told, I’ve never actually heard of kawaii, and consequently have no idea what it is!), but I do get bored a lot - which often leads to me being easily sidetracked when composing emails, as you can probably see! Anyway… recently, during one of my bouts of aforementioned boredom, I came across this blog and saw your appeal for readers’ art. That might kill half an hour, I thought, and so I made this…

It's a lovestruck egg!
Yip, it’s an egg I’ve coloured in to look like you! I’m guessing Easter might have been a better time to send you this particular artwork but, like I said, I do get bored easily, and the idea of holding off on this creation for six months to wait for a more suitable time to make it didn’t really seem like a realistic option to me! Anyway, hope you enjoy it, and who knows, maybe if I get bored again (which lets face it, I probably will!) I’ll have a go at making something else for one of your colleagues!

Yours contentedly (for the time being!),
Maximilian Longfoot. Aged 104.

Lovestruck Mascot replies...
Thanks Maximilian, that really is excellent, or should I say egg-cellent! What? It’s the law - you’ve got to used egg based puns in situations like these! Everyone knows that :)

Thanks again,
Lovestruck Mascot :)

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