Monday, September 26, 2011

Cost Cutting Cute Kittens!

Readers' Emails

Dear Money Mascot,

As you’re a fan of all things financial who writes for a kawaii blog I though you would be the perfect person with whom I could share an incredibly cute purchase I recently made. You see, I’m a huge fan of junk shops, and love nothing more than whiling away the hours raking around in old tat to find the rare hidden gems therein! And recently, I struck absolute gold…

Cute Kitten Fine Art Miniatures!
Aren’t they just the coolest and cutest things you’ve ever seen? The box they were in (yes, unbelievably their previous owner had never even opened them!) described these cute kitten prints as “Fine Art Miniatures”, but I prefer to think of them as works of sheer kawaii genius! And at a mere 75p for the set of three, I reckon I got one of the sweetest deals the world has ever seen! Isn’t it just great when stuff like that happens?

Yours cheerfully,
Abigail Singer

Money Mascot replies...

Wow, Abigail, that really was one seriously sweet deal you got yourself there! Thanks for sharing! And if any other readers have got themselves a cute thrift shop deal, then be sure to let me know! I think we’d all love to see what kawaii treats you’ve found!

Keep shopping sweet,
Money Mascot :)