Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brilliant! It’s Big Fat Robot!

written by Robot Mascot

There’s a lot to be said for choosing the right name. After all, can you really imagine Snickers would have been so popular if they’d been called something crazy like… Marathon! What? They were called Marathon, you say? And they were pretty popular? Huh, who knew? Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that choosing the right name is always a good way to let people know what to expect. And when I heard about a shop called Big Fat Robot, I knew I was in for an absolute treat…

Big Fat Robot at RedBubble
And, as you can see, I wasn’t wrong! Big Fat Robot is a RedBubble shop that sells t-shirts, kids clothes, and stickers - all adorned with amazing designs from an incredibly talented illustrator from sunny Melbourne, Australia. And, speaking as a fan of all things sci-fi, I can definitively say that this shop is one of the best I’ve seen. And the absolute best part… it’s a shop with plenty of robots in it! Perfect!

Your rockin’ robot friend,
Robot Mascot :)

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