Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Awesome Orange!

Readers' Art

Dear Awestruck Mascot,

You may remember earlier this month I wrote to your colleague the Lovestruck Mascot and sent her a food based artwork. (Re. Lovely Egg Head!) You may also remember me telling her that I get bored a lot, as well as getting sidetracked quite often too, which is kind of what’s happing right now! Well, guess what? Yip, you got it, I got bored again! And so I created this…

It's an awestruck orange!
Yes, that’s right, it’s an orange that I’ve coloured in to look like your own good self! And the best part… it took a whole seven minutes to make! That’s seven whole minutes of boredom free bliss! And it’s all thanks to this kawaii blog and its appeal for readers’ art! Although I still have no idea what kawaii actually is! Anyway, hope you enjoy it, and thanks for giving me an artistic excuse to relieve some boredom!

Yours contentedly (for the time being, again!),
Maximilian Longfoot. Aged 104.

Awestruck Mascot replies...

Thank you Maximilian! And thanks also for your kind words about our blog, even if you do have no idea what kawaii is! Hmmm… perhaps finding out about kawaii could be another way to relieve your boredom!

Keep those artworks coming,
Awestruck Mascot :)

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