Monday, August 15, 2011

The Sunday Kawaii

Readers' Emails
Dear Ed Mascot,

While I realise this blog has nothing to do with current affairs, unless you count that oddball that emailed you a couple of weeks ago (Re. Sneaky Looky Likey!), I feel I should draw to your attention to an amazing publishing opportunity that has arisen in the last month. You see, it transpires that a British Sunday tabloid newspaper has closed leaving a whole load of readers with nothing to read on a Sunday, which gave me an idea. And here it is…

It's the Sunday Kawaii!
Yip, it’s a brand new Sunday paper called the Sunday Kawaii! I reckon it could be a big seller, and what’s more I reckon you and your crack team of kawaii mascots would be the ideal team to run it. After all, your blog already has horoscopes, puzzles, shopping tips, and even an advice column! In fact, the only thing that’s missing is the news and celebrity gossip, and even a monkey could make that stuff up! After all, it’s not rocket science! Unless it’s news about rocket science, obviously! Anyway, whadya think?

Yours curiously,
Cornelius Pressbaron

Ed Mascot replies...
Hmmm? An interesting idea, Cornelius, and one that I wholly agree would be an undoubted success with me at the helm. Unfortunately, however, my commitments to my loyal readers right here have to come first! And also, isn’t running a paper a lot of hard work?

Yours thankfully,
Ed Mascot :)

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