Friday, August 19, 2011

Small Ad Shenanigans

Readers' Art
Dear Gent Mascot,

It seems that this blog has taken a bit of a detour from its kawaii roots this month. (Re. Sneaky Looky Likey! and The Sunday Kawaii) Unsurprising, I suppose, given the scale of the coverage of this ongoing newspaper scandal. But don’t worry, I’m not about to bore you and your readers with my two cents on the whole affair. Although I am about to present you with a newspaper inspired artwork. And here it is…

It's a gentlemanly small ad!
Yes, it’s a small ad featuring your own gentlemanly self! You see, for me the front pages of newspapers have never held the slightest interest. Politicians come and go, celebrities rise and fall, and the same old stories and scandals surrounding them break and fade. But… turn to the back pages of a newspaper and you’ll find a whole new world of entertainment! A world where big slippers, casual slacks, and overstocked warehouses of shower proof ponchos compete for column inches! Now that’s news! Anyway, hope you like the artwork!

Yours enthusiastically,
Bernard Bright. Aged 83.

Gent Mascot replies...
Bernard, I take my hat off to you! Not only do I absolutely love the artwork, I also think your attitude in these gloomy times should be applauded! Three cheers for small ad makers everywhere! And three cheers for Bernard too!

Thanks again,
Gent Mascot :)

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