Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Days With Rabbit Smile

written by Awestruck Mascot
It seems that these days technology is advancing at a rate never before seen. Every day seems to herald the dawn of a new must have gadget. And across the board, from smart phones to computers and cameras to games consoles, these devices just keep getting smaller and smaller. A good thing, I think, but I can’t help wishing these technological wonders were a little bit cuter…

Rabbit Smile at Etsy
Well guess what, folks, it looks like my wish has been granted thanks to the crafty creations of Rabbit Smile. Yippee! Rabbit Smile is an Etsy shop that sells hand crafted gadget cases for cute technology fans everywhere. So if you’ve ever wished your iPhone or iPod looked sweeter, then these are the guys to help. And they even sell key chains, scarves, and finger puppets too!

Keeping gadgets groovy,
Awestruck Mascot :)

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