Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eighties Revival!

Ask a Mascot

Dear Eighties Mascot,

A couple of years ago I wrote to your big haired, big flared colleague the Disco Mascot to get some expert advice on the 1970s. (Re. Stuck in the Seventies!) The reason for seeking that advice was so I could teach my pupils all about that particular decade - I’m a teacher, in case you haven’t guessed! Anyway, as I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to keep my kids learning, I’ve decided this year I’ll tell them all about the 1980s! Think you could help me rad up my classroom to the max?

Yours hopefully,
Miss Henderson.

Eighties Mascot replies...

No problemo Miss Henderson! Although judging by you expert use of the phrases “rad” and “to the max” I reckon you’re already well on your way! Here’s my top 5 trunkicular tips for creating a 1980s cowabunga classroom…

1. Look sharp! Dig out some bodaciously cool threads to set the eighties scene! Day-glo lycra and lace for the girls, and pastel suits for the boys! Mondo!

2. Word up! Don’t just dress the part, speak the part too! The English language was at its most righteous in the 1980s! Give your pupils the 411 and they’ll be amped!

3. Make a montage! Montages were mega back in the day! Why not get your pupils to make montages of their summer holidays? That would be so dyno!

4. Have brunch! By the time the 80s rolled around, three meals a day were no longer enough! Amaze your class by announcing this extra daily meal! Sweet!

5. End with a lesson! Don’t forget that everything involving kids ended with a lesson in the 1980s! But be sure to make it extra patronising if you really want that authentic 1980s feel. Here’s He-Man to give you some pointers…

Tight! So there you are, Miss Henderson, everything you’ll ever need for bringing the 1980s back to life! Although, given the current financial climate, I’d say most of the hard work’s already been done for you! Fresh!

Eighties Mascot :)

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