Monday, July 11, 2011

Drawing the Daredevil!

Readers' Art

Dear Daredevil Mascot,

I’ve been reading this blog for a while a now and couldn’t help but notice your lack of input therein! In fact, I think I’m right in saying, you haven’t once contributed anything to this blog whatsoever! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about this! I’m sure you’re far too busy with your feats of daring to find time to write a blog - something I wholeheartedly support! After all, life should be lived, not read about! And so, I created this…

It's the incredible Daredevil Mascot!
Yes, it’s a drawing of you celebrating your daredevil lifestyle! I decided to draw you as a human cannonball - a daredevil classic, if ever there was one! I think it captures your daring attitude perfectly! And, most importantly, it should also serve as an inspiration to iKids everywhere who think life is lived through a touchscreen! After all, how can you possibly enjoy your childhood if you don’t go out and break a couple of bones every now and again! It never did me any harm!

Yours daringly,
Frankie “The Fracture” Finkleton. Aged 57.

Daredevil Mascot replies...

Wise words, Frankie! Life is indeed for living! And what better way to live it than to have yourself propelled through the air by an oversized cannon! Great stuff! And a great drawing too!

Thumbs up for Frankie,
Daredevil Mascot :)