Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Retro Heaven at Ridge Rooms!

written by Tiki Mascot

In the worlds of art, design, fashion and illustration it is often debated which decade produced the best works. The 1960s gave us the colourful world of pop art and the hypnotic world of psychedelia, the 1970s dazzled us with glam and shocked us with punk, and the 1980s gave us absolutely nothing memorable or noteworthy whatsoever! But for me there has only ever been one winner in this ongoing debate - the 1950s! And thankfully, for all you fellow followers of fashion, I am by no means the only one that recognises this…

Ridge Rooms at Zazzle
Yes, even after half a century, the artworks of the 1950s continue to influence designers and illustrators to this day. And at the Ridge Rooms Zazzle shop you can pick yourselves up a retro packed slice of this 50s influence on a multitude of goodies! Ridge Rooms sells t-shirts, mugs, aprons, iPad cases, cards, and much, much more besides - many of which feature glorious illustrations inspired by my favourite decade! And, as if that wasn’t reason enough for you to pay them a visit, they’re also pretty darn cute too!

Your fifties fanatic,
Tiki Mascot :)

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