Monday, June 13, 2011

Nerd Nirvana at Eozen

written by Nerd Mascot

Computers, video games, comics, action figures, and box sets. As we all know the life of a nerd can be very busy indeed, and I should know - well, I am the Nerd Mascot after all :) But that doesn’t mean we nerds get to neglect our other duties. Since the rise of the internet we nerds have been considered the coolest people on the planet - FACT! And as the coolest people on the planet we really are obliged by social convention to look the part! But wait, I hear you fret, just how are we supposed to do that? Well fret no more my fellow nerds, because today I bring you the answer!

Eozen at RedBubble
Yes, I’m talking about the incredibly stylish world of Eozen at RedBubble! Eozen is a graphic designer who creates t-shirts that cater for the nerd in all of us. Taking inspiration from the worlds of science fiction and comic books, Eozen’s designs are a cut above the usual nerd fare, and they’re also a whole lot cuter too! And, in true nerd fashion, they’re available to you right now with the single click of a mouse! Cool and convenient, wouldn’t you agree?

Long live the nerds,
Nerd Mascot :)

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