Friday, June 3, 2011

Miniature Marvels at Two Penny Lane

written by Doll Mascot

It is often said that bigger is better, but is this really true? Take mobile phones, for example. There was once a time when mobile phones were the size of small houses, but you don’t hear too many people bemoaning their demise. Well, the Eighties Mascot might moan a bit, but there’s no accounting for rose tinted nostalgia, is there :) The point I’m trying to make is that in many cases smaller can be better than bigger. And, when it comes to cute jewellery, it can also be utterly adorable too…

Two Penny Lane at Etsy
See what I mean? What you are looking at above are just some of the cleverly crafted creations from the Two Penny Lane Etsy shop - and what incredibly cute creations they are too! Two Penny Lane specialises in creating beautifully unique pieces of jewellery, many of which take their inspiration from the adorably petite world of doll house miniatures, and the results are simply stunning! Not to mention undeniable proof, if proof was ever needed, that smaller can indeed be better than bigger!

Your petite perfectionist,
Doll Mascot :)

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