Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello Digital!

Readers' Art

Dear TV Mascot,

Earlier this month you may remember I sent you an artwork to mark the switching off of the analogue TV signal in the UK. (Re. Bye Bye Analogue!) On reflection, however, I began to wonder if this artwork was perhaps a bit to melancholy. After all, the switchover isn’t just about losing the analogue signal, it’s also about gaining the brand spanking new digital signal for all! And so, to address this imbalance, I created this…

Hello digital television!
Not bad, is it? I reckon it captures the dawning of the digital age in a subtle and moving way, much as my last artwork did with the passing of analogue, and I also particularly like my use of a full colour palette to illustrate the event! I had originally planned to celebrate this momentous occasion by creating a full HD 3D computer generated extravaganza but once again, on reflection, decided that this would require too much effort on my part! What do you think?

Your couch potato friend,
Hector “Square Eyes” Haversham. Aged 63.

TV Mascot replies...

Incredible! Thanks Hector for another amazing piece of art! And once again I have to agree with you - creating a full HD 3D computer generated extravaganza would require a lot of effort! Not to mention a lot of money too :)

Keep those artworks coming,
TV Mascot :)

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