Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cute and Cuddly Kimchi Kawaii

written by Cute Mascot

As a mascot of cute who writes for a kawaii blog, I sometimes think I must be the luckiest person in the world! After all, what could be more fun than whiling away the hours searching for super cute treats to bring to you wonderful readers! In fact, sometimes I’m so amazed by my own good fortune, I find describing that feeling with words to be a near impossible task! Although, thankfully for you, when it comes to the aforementioned super cute treats, I always know precisely what to say! Take a look at these…

Kimchi Kawaii at Zazzle
Pretty sweet, aren’t they? But I’m not just going to show them to you, I’m going to tell you where you can buy them too! It’s a little Zazzle shop I found called Kimchi Kawaii. At Kimchi Kawaii you can buy t-shirts, cards, buttons, gifts, and more, all of which are adorned with utterly adorable designs and illustrations guaranteed to put a kawaii song in your heart! And all of which are also just waiting for you to come along and snap them up right now! Well, it wouldn’t be right of me to keep all of my good fortune to myself now, would it?

Always sharing the sweetness,
Cute Mascot :)


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