Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Super Cool Snow Slushies!

Readers' Art

Dear Snowman Mascot,

You may remember last month I wrote to your colleague the Frost Mascot with an idea for keeping cool over the summer months. (Re. Keep Cool with Frosty Pops!) See, I told you I did! Anyway, in reply to my email the Frost Mascot suggested you may be feeling a bit left out from all the frosty fun and, now that I think about, he’s probably right. So, in attempt to make things right, not to mention give you a chance to shine in the summer, I thought I’d create these beauties…

It's some super cool Snow Slushies!
Yes, I’ve taken the Frost Mascot’s suggestion to heart, and created for you these sensational Snow Slushies! Granted, like my previous creations, these aren’t actually functioning slushies, but I’m sure you get the idea. And, if they were real, I’m sure you’d agree they’d be the most flavoursome slushies around! Anyway, I hope you enjoy these super cool creations, and I eagerly look forward to hearing a lot more from you once these horrid summer months are over!

Keep cool,
Ginger “Freckles” McRedhead. Aged 34.

Snowman Mascot replies...

Fantastic! Thanks Ginger! They look absolutely great, and they’ll definitely help me get through the summer months with a smile on my face! Which isn’t always easy when you’re a snowman :)

See you in the winter,
Snowman Mascot :)

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