Friday, May 27, 2011

Robots Galore at Concept Store!

written by Robot Mascot

Great news readers, I’ve done it again! Yip, I’ve only managed to find another incredibly cute store with robots in it! I know, I know, I probably am spoiling you, but we all deserve a little treat every now and again, don’t we? Of course we do! So without any further ado I’d like to introduce you all to the incredibly cute and colourful world of the creatively cool Concept Store…

Concept Store at RedBubble
Pretty sweet, isn’t it? The Concept Store is a RedBubble shop that sells t-shirts, kids clothes, and stickers - all of which feature cool characters and amazing illustrations, including robots! But don’t worry if you’re not as big a robot fan as I am because it’s also got monkeys, ninja bunnies, and even some voodoo masters too! And all that is just on the first page! Don’t say I never treat you :)

Your robotic champion,
Robot Mascot :)

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