Monday, April 11, 2011

Outlaws in Disguise!

Readers' Art

Dear Outlaw Mascot,

I noticed at the end of last month that one of your readers (the somewhat absurdly named Big John Jones “The Sheriff” Jacobson) sent in a wanted poster to welcome you to the KawaiiPunk fold. (Re. Kawaii’s Most Wanted!) I also couldn’t help but notice that this so called “welcome” did not feature you in any way, shape, or form whatsoever! And even if it had, why on earth would you (being an outlaw and all) want to see your face on a wanted poster, let alone consider it “welcoming”! If you ask me, the whole thing was just plain stupid! And so I created this…

Outlaw in disguise!
As you can see it’s a picture of yourself wearing an extremely cunning and effective disguise - a much more suitable and welcoming gesture for an outlaw than a wanted poster! After all, as an outlaw, surely the last thing you’d would want to see is your face plastered all over the web! Am I right? Of course I am! And the best part is… you can actually achieve this adorably anonymous look by simply paying a visit to your local joke shop!

Wishing you a proper welcome,
Tiny Timothy Tinker “The Slinker” Tomlinson. Aged 19.

Outlaw Mascot replies...

Thanks Tiny. It’s always nice to feel welcome! Although to be honest, I very much doubt I’ll be adopting that look any time soon! What? Even outlaws like myself have to draw the line somewhere you know :)

Thanks again,
Outlaw Mascot :)

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