Friday, April 15, 2011

Moshi Monsters Mash Up Cards!

written by Junior Mascot

Woohoo! Yipee! Yeah! Great news folks! I’ve just found another super cool thing to spend my pocket money on! It’s Moshi Monsters Mash Up trading cards! Hurrah! Huh? What’s that? You don’t know what I’m talking about! Where have you lot been? Don’t you remember the last time I told you about Moshi Monsters? (Re. Marvellous Moshi Monsters!) Oh well, I guess I better let you know what I’m talking about! Here, have a look at this…

Moshi Monsters Mash Up cards in stores now!
Hip hip hooray! How cool are they? Wow! I just made a rhyme! You see, it seems the good folks at the incredibly cute Moshi Monsters site have decided to create a series of trading cards featuring their very own super cute characters! And I for one am so excited about it I can hardly type straight! And, if you lot know what’s good for you, you should be pretty excited too! Well? What are you waiting for? Happy collecting, folks!

Your trading card connoisseur,
Junior Mascot :)

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