Monday, April 25, 2011

Adorable Art from Lucia Salemi

written by Adorable Mascot

As regular readers will know, we mascots are all big fans of Zazzle. And, I’m happy to report, I myself am no exception to this rule. In fact, it never ceases to amaze me just how creative and talented Zazzlers can be. And, luckily for all you wonderful readers, today I’m going to tell you about one such creative and talented Zazzler. Her name is Lucia Salemi, and her amazingly cute work looks a little something like this…

Lucia Salemi at Zazzle
Sweet, isn’t it? Lucia Salemi is an artist who creates beautifully colourful and whimsical works that drip with pleasure and joy. And at her Zazzle shop you can pick up these beautiful works on posters, cards, buttons, stickers, t-shirts, hats, and much, much more besides. So now, if you’re ever looking for a joy filled gift to brighten up someone’s day, you’ll know where to go, wont you? Enjoy yourselves!

Adorably yours,
Adorable Mascot :)