Monday, March 7, 2011

Whoopee! It’s Zupii!

written by Skull Mascot

Being a skeleton isn’t always easy. Especially when you write for a kawaii blog! After all, it’s not as if big piles of bones and cuteness necessarily go hand in hand! But that certainly doesn’t mean they never have to! And today I’m going to introduce you all to a shop that proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. So get ready for a treat, readers, because here comes Zupii…

Zupii at Zazzle
Ta da! Zupii is a Zazzle store that sells t-shirts, buttons, stationery, magnets and more, all adorned with astoundingly cute and creepy creatures! It’s got monsters! It’s got robots! And, I’m pleased to report, it’s even got skeletons too! In fact, it’s got so many skeletons, skulls, and bones, that you could say it’s the world’s first kawaii ossuary! And I bet you never thought you’d find one of those when you woke up this morning!

Your bona fide bone fan,
Skull Mascot :)

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