Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh My Cuteness! It’s Oksancia!

written by Cute Mascot

Hello again, readers! Are you in the mood for a tasty kawaii treat? Well you’re in luck, because today I’m going to tell you all about a designer whose sweet styles are cute enough to fill the hungriest of kawaii bellies! So sit back, lay out your napkins, strap on your bibs, and get ready for a kawaii feast of super cute proportions! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you the wonderful world of Oksancia…

Oksancia at RedBubble
See what I mean? Oksancia is a designer and illustrator whose artworks drip with the sweet cuteness of a kawaii maestro. And with everything from cute kittens and cupcakes, to beautiful birdies and bicycles, this is one kawaii connoisseur who’s happy to cater for everyone! So whether you’re looking for a tasty t-shirt, a gorgeous greeting card, or even a sweet sticker or two, Oksancia’s RedBubble store has something for you! And don’t forget to come back for seconds!

Always eating up the kawaii,
Cute Mascot :)

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