Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Fearsome Zombor!

Readers' Art

Dear Zombie Mascot,

I noticed earlier this month that you, and your esteemed mascot colleagues, were joined by a rather sporting new mew member - the Wrestler Mascot! Well, as a huge fan of wrestling, I have to say I was overjoyed by this fantastic news! But then I started thinking… who is the Wrestler Mascot going to wrestle with now he’s joined KawaiiPunk? After all, I can hardly see him getting in the ring with the Nerd Mascot? And so I created this…

It's the fearsome Zombor!
It’s a drawing of you as a fearsome wrestler, as I think you would make a very fitting opponent for the Wrestler Mascot. I know, it is a work of genius, isn’t it? I thought you could call yourself Zombor, as it sounds quite fearsome, and have given you a suitably fearsome mask to match the name! What do you think? Reckon you could take on the Wrestler Mascot for me?

Yours enthusiastically,
Dorothy Winters. Aged 93.

Zombie Mascot replies...

Wow! Thanks Dorothy! I absolutely love the picture! Although I have to say wrestling isn’t really my thing! Us zombies aren’t exactly renowned for our robust limb retention skills you know :)

Thanks all the same,
Zombie Mascot :)

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