Friday, March 4, 2011

Cute iPad Cases for LOST Fans!

written by TV Mascot

Just over a year ago you may remember I posted a feature about some LOST t-shirt designs that had been created by our resident graphic designer. (Re. Cute LOST t-shirts at CafePress) You may also remember I wasn’t particularly happy about having to do so! After all, even though I am the TV Mascot, it did seem a bit presumptuous of the guy behind KawaiiPunk to think I would be happy to promote his non-KawaiiPunk designs, just because they were TV related! Well, one year later, and it looks like nothing has changed…

Cute iPad cases for LOST fans at CafePress!
Yep! Here we go again! It seems that the guy behind the KawaiiPunk Blog has created some new LOST designs and, once again, expects yours truly to promote them! I mean honestly, talk about being taken for granted! Anyway, if you’re a LOST fan who wants to get your hands on some cute iPad or iPhone cases then head on over to the Lost Cabin Crew CafePress shop and knock yourself out! And if you could knock me out on the way, then I think we’d both be happy!

Please stop confusing me with the Money Mascot,
TV Mascot :)

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  1. That is very cool, thanks for sharing this! I have been looking at some iPad cases for the new iPad I just bought this week, and really wasn't sure what to go with. Should it be something that is sleek or bulky for extra protection?