Friday, March 25, 2011

Chuck t-shirts at CafePress!

written by Money Mascot

A few weeks ago you may remember my colleague the TV Mascot whining like a baby while telling you about some LOST designs our resident graphic designer had created! (Re. Cute iPad Cases for LOST Fans!) And not for the first time either! (Re. Cute LOST t-shirts at CafePress) Well today I’m going to tell you about some more designs he’s made and this time, you’ll undoubtedly be pleased to hear, there won’t be a single whine in sight! Just the cold browbeating efficiency of the good old fashioned hard sell! So listen up! You know that TV show Chuck? You do, then take a look at this…

Visit the Beer More for Chuck t-shirts at CafePress!
Yep, you’ve guessed it, it’s some Chuck t-shirts! You see, it seems that CafePress have teamed up with Warner Bros. to allow fans to create their own t-shirts and merchandise for their favourite TV shows. Which sounds like a pretty good money spinner, if you ask me! And I should know! Anyway, it turns out our resident graphic designer reckoned he’d have a go at making some Chuck t-shirts and goodies. And so he did! The result… the Beer More! It’s like the Buy More, but with more beer! And it’s a CafePress shop, not a fictional computing chain store from an American hit comedy/action/drama TV spy show that has some of the best cameo and guest appearances in the history of television! But you probably worked that much out for yourselves already! Anyway, now it’s your turn - GO BUY SOME!

Money Mascot :)

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