Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marvellous Mayhem at Monster Zoo!

written by Monster Mascot

Aaaarrrgh! Hello again readers! It’s me, the Monster Mascot! Back again to bring you some marvellously monstrous mischief! Which, after all that Valentine’s Day nonsense you’ve had to put up with over the last week, I dare say you’re extremely pleased to hear! But don’t get too comfortable, folks, because today I’m going to be introducing you all to some truly fearsome fiends! And here they are…

Monster Zoo at Zazzle
See? I told you they were fearsome! What you are looking at are just some of the residents of the Monster Zoo. Monster Zoo is a Zazzle shop that sells t-shirts, ties, bags, buttons, and lots, lots more besides, all of which are adorned with the crazy creature creations of an ingenious illustrator named Floog. But a word of warning folks - don’t, under any circumstances whatsoever, describe these monsters as cute! Not unless you want to see them go berserk that is! Mwah ha ha ha ha!

Your guide to gruesome goodness,
Monster Mascot :)

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