Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nerd No More!

Readers' Emails

Dear Nerd Mascot,

The new year is often seen as time to start afresh. A time to dispense with the old and roll in the new. A time for reinvention, if you will. And, as an expert in the art of reinvention, as I have already proved (Re. Not So Grumpy Mascot!), I thought it was about time you tried a bit of reinvention yourself. After all, you’re not exactly the coolest mascot in the bunch, are you? And so I decided to have a go at another mascot makeover…

Nerd Mascot Makeover!
Absolutely incredible, even if I do say so myself! As you can see I have removed your braces, given you a trendy new hairstyle, and even added a stylish scarf to give you a bit more character. I reckon with this new look you could even land yourself a job as a TV presenter. You know, on one of those channels that employ 30 year olds to act like teenagers or something! Can you imagine that?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,
Tamara Tallulah

Nerd Mascot replies...

Wow, thanks Tamara. You certainly put a lot of thought and effort into this one. Although, if you don’t mind me saying, I think you may have overlooked one extremely pertinent point - I’m the Nerd Mascot, I’m supposed to be nerdy looking!

Happy just the way I am,
Nerd Mascot :)

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