Monday, January 24, 2011

Kawaii Cool at Tofu Cute

written by Cute Mascot

Woo hoo, my first post of 2011! I bet you wonderful readers were wondering where I’d got to, possibly even starting to worry a little too! Well, worry no more, for here I am! And, I’m pleased to report, my kawaii radar is as sharp and focused as it ever was! In fact, it’s possibly even sharper and more focused than ever! Don’t believe me? Then take a look at this…

Kawaii gifts at Tofu Cute
Ta da! Pretty cute, isn’t it? What you are looking at are just some of fine products available to you at the kawaii-tastic Tofu Cute shop. Tofu Cute is a UK based kawaii shop that strives to bring its customers the cutest goodies, gadgets, and gifts the world has to offer! And, as far as I’m concerned, to say they’re doing a good job in this quest would undoubtedly be the understatement of the decade! And we’re not even through the first month of it :) Enjoy!

Always keeping it kawaii,
Cute Mascot :)