Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun Times at Studio Capsule

written by Junior Mascot

What a difference four weeks can make. I mean, remember this time last month? The excitement of Christmas being just around the corner? The anticipation of festive fun for all? Where did it all go? Well… I’ll tell you where it went! It didn’t go anywhere! Yip, that’s right folks - fun isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for all year round! Woo hoo! And to prove it, I’d like to show you all this…

Studio Capsule at Zazzle
See what I mean? What you are looking at above are just some of the fantastically fun products available to you at the Studio Capsule Zazzle store. And what a party packed store it is! A store where you can find t-shirts, stickers, mugs, buttons, cards, and much, much more besides - all adorned with some of the cutest, not to mention fun filled, characters you’ll ever see! So don’t let the January blues get you down, just head on over to Studio Capsule and let the party start all over again!

Keeping the good times rolling,
Junior Mascot :)

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