Friday, January 28, 2011

Fiendish Fun at Sick On Sin

written by Demon Mascot

As a demon with a love of kawaii, I sometimes find it tricky to find things to write about on this blog. Well, trickier than some of the more conducively named mascots around here :) But that doesn’t mean I can’t contribute - oh no, not by a long shot! And today I’m going to contribute by introducing you all to a fiendishly fun shop by the name of Sick On Sin…

Sick On Sin at Etsy
Ghoulishly good, isn’t it? Sick On Sin is an Etsy shop that specialises in creating super cool t-shirts, buttons, bags, and more that manage to combine the cute and the creepy in perfect measures. Zombies, devils, and vampires are all in attendance, and all looking extremely cute! But don’t think this is just a store for horror fans, because it’s also got some seriously sweet designs too. In fact, this is one shop you can definitely say has something for everyone! Have fun!

Your cute and creepy connoisseur,
Demon Mascot :)