Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Toy Time Treats from Anapaulaoli!

written by Junior Mascot

At this festive time of year a lot of people often ask me what my favourite thing about Christmas is. Is it the carol singers spreading joy on cold winter nights? Is it the eager anticipation with which we await our turkey and sprouts? Or is it the annual resurgence of 1970s glam rock acts belting out their Christmas novelty tracks on every single radio station known to man? Well, for me there has only ever been one winner in the “best thing about Christmas” category, and that’s toys, toys, toys…

Anapaulaoli at Etsy
And thankfully, as you can see, I’m not the only one with this opinion! What you are looking at above is the astoundingly cute work of Anapaulaoli. Anapaulaoli is an Etsy shop that is packed to the rafters with incredibly cute and cool crochet and amigurumi toys. And patterns too! And the best thing about this shop, no to mention the toys therein, is that you can buy them all year round! Because remember folks… toys aren’t just for Christmas! Woo hoo!

Your top toy treatster,
Junior Mascot :)