Monday, December 6, 2010

Freaky Wrapping Paper!

Readers' Art

Dear Freak Mascot,

I noticed last month that one of your readers, Annabelle Hutchinson I believe her name was, sent you a Christmas card with your face on it (Re. Freaky Christmas Card!) because she feared you may be overlooked at this time of year for being an oddball! Well, I thought this was a great idea! And so, taking inspiration from this act of festive kindness, I decided I too would send you something this Christmas…

Freaky Christmas Wrapping Paper
It’s some festively fun Freak Mascot Christmas wrapping paper! So now, as well as sending yourself a freaky card this Christmas, you can also send yourself a freakishly freakily wrapped present too! Well, like Annabelle said, I can’t imagine anyone else appreciating a present wrapped in something with your face on it! I’m sure you know what I mean!

Have a fun and freaky Christmas,
Blanche Pennyworth. Aged 74.

Freak Mascot replies...

Wow! Thanks Blanche! This is really turning into one bumper Christmas for me! A personalised card, and now wrapping paper too. I can’t wait for Christmas day to find out what surprise I buy myself! But I guess I’ll just have to wait :)

Fair tidings,
Freak Mascot :)

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