Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monthly Round-up. November 2010

written by Ed Mascot

Wow! There goes another month! And what a month it was. A month in which we finally got a new, and much needed, KawaiiPunk logo makeover, and myself and the Grumpy Mascot also got some slightly less needed makeovers ourselves! And along the way we also got to see the fantastically cool works of ClumsyPlush, Twistyfishies, and Paper Biscuit to name a few. And, of course, there was also our monthly puzzle! Did you work out the name of our newest mascot?

Did you work out the name of our newest mascot?
Fantastic! It was the Mod Mascot! Well, I suppose the big letter “M” on his belly was something of a clue in itself! Anyway, be sure to come back next month when we’ll have plenty more kawaii crafts and creations for you all to enjoy. And, as a special treat for my fellow mascots, we’ll also be having our annual KawaiiPunk Christmas party! Bet they can’t wait for that :)

See you all in December.
Your host with the most,
Ed Mascot :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Berry Bunny Brilliance!

written by Mischief Mascot

Woo hoo! It’s me again readers - the Mischief Mascot! Did you miss me? Of course you did! Tee hee! But enough shenanigans! Because today I’m not here to talk about myself. Oh no, today I’m here to tell you all about another master of mischief! He’s a professional party crasher, part time astronaut, and, apparently, a big fan of sock puppets too! And his name? It’s Berry Bunny…

Berry Bunny at Zazzle
Yippee! Just when I thought I was the only lover of all things mischievous left on the planet, I find this groovy little guy! And, as if that wasn’t enough good news, I also find out he’s got his own Zazzle store too - packed with t-shirts, caps, mugs, buttons, bags and more! And all of them as cool as they come! But don’t just take my word for it, even though I’m right, head on over to the Berry Bunny store and have a look for yourselves! You won’t regret it!

Long live mischief,
Mischief Mascot :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Freaky Christmas Card!

Readers' Art

Dear Freak Mascot,

You may remember back in February I sent you a Valentine’s card (Re. Freaky Valentine’s Card!) because I thought it was unfair for you to be excluded from the celebrations. Well, after reading the Frost Mascots latest post (Re. KawaiiPunk Christmas Cards!) I realised that the same problem was about to rear its ugly head once again! So I created this…

Freaky Christmas Card
Yes, you’ve guessed it! It’s a Christmas card with a picture of yourself on it! Unfortunately, once again, I have absolutely no idea who in their right mind would consider using such a card, but at least they’d have option to do so if the desire took them! Which it probably wouldn’t! But hey, maybe you could send it to yourself? I mean, you are a freak after all!

Merry Christmas,
Annabelle Hutchinson. Aged 28.

Freak Mascot replies...

Thanks Annabelle! The card looks great! Unfortunately however I’ve already sent myself a Christmas card this year. I did back in July to avoid the rush! Well, as you so rightly put it, I am a freak after all :)

Merry Christmas to you too,
Freak Mascot :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pretty Perfection at Paper Biscuit

written by Sweet Mascot

As many of you regular readers will know, I’m no stranger to the wonderful world of accessories. And I’m also no stranger to enthusing about them either! Which is exactly what I’m planning on doing today! Because today I’m going to introduce you all to a shop that’s got some of the cutest, not to mention coolest, accessories I’ve seen in a long time. So here it is…

Paper Biscuit at Etsy
See what I mean? The shop is called Paper Biscuit and I found it while browsing through my favourite place in the whole world wide web - Etsy! Paper Biscuit sells astoundingly cute earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets that will bring smiles to the faces of all who see them. And believe me, these are the kind of cute accessories you’ll want people to see :) Enjoy!

Always accessorising,
Sweet Mascot :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nameless Newcomer! ??? Mascot!

written by Puzzle Mascot

Woohoo! It’s puzzle time! And this month I’ve got a real special treat for you! Because not only have I got a fiendishly fun puzzle for you to solve, but I’ve also got a world exclusive sneak preview of the first KawaiiPunk Mascot for 2011! That’s right, a brand new mascot that has never been seen anywhere else before! And here he is…

Can you work out the name of this new mascot?
Ta da! Impressive, isn’t he? But wait, it seems that there’s something missing! Well, it wouldn’t be much of a puzzle if there wasn’t! So I guess that’s why there is! If you get what I’m saying! But enough tomfoolery! The question is… can you work out the name of this new “sixties inspired” “big eyed” mascot? Hmmm… did I just give you a clue? Find out when the answer is revealed in this month’s monthly round-up!

Happy guessing folks,
Puzzle Mascot :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Not So Grumpy Mascot!

Readers' Emails

Dear Grumpy Mascot,

After the resounding success of my last email (Re. A New Ed Mascot?) I decided I should have a go at another mascot makeover. Well, with the talents I’ve got, it really would be a waste no to! So I decided to turn my impeccable eye for style to your own grumpy self. Because let’s face it, if there’s anyone around here that really needs a makeover, it’s got to be yours truly! And here’s the result…

Grumpy Mascot makeover!
As you can see I decided the best way to improve your image was to make you less grumpy looking! I have done this by giving you a party hat, a pair of oversized comedy glasses and, most importantly of all, a smile! I think the result is simply fabulous, and what’s more, I won’t even charge you a penny for my services. Hope you enjoy it!

Because first impressions last,
Tamara Tallulah

Grumpy Mascot replies...

Is this some sort of joke? Did the Mischief Mascot put you up to this? I mean honestly, getting me out of bed to waste my time with this nonsense? Haven’t you people got anything better to do with your time?

Grumpy Mascot :(

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tasty Tees from Tambatoys

written by Teddy Mascot

This probably won’t come as a surprise to you but, as a Teddy Mascot, I happen to be a big fan of toys! See, I told you it wouldn’t come as a surprise :) Anyway… as a fan of toys I was very excited to hear about a toymaker who also has a RedBubble store. And what’s more, I’m pretty sure you readers are going to get very excited too! So what are we waiting for? Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Tambatoys…

Tambatoys at RedBubble
Cool, isn’t it? At the Tambatoys store you can pick up beautiful t-shirts and cards - all adorned with some truly adorable and original artwork. Bunnies, birdies, robots, and yetis are all in attendance, as well as a good few other characters too! And every single design is as stunning as it is stylish! And, as if that wasn’t enough for you lucky readers, there’s even an armadillo t-shirt too! How cool is that?

Tees and toys forever,
Teddy Mascot :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

KawaiiPunk Christmas Cards!

written by Frost Mascot

Hey folks! Aren’t you just loving this cold weather we’re having? What? You’re not! Oh well, I guess it’s just me then! But you have to admit it’s not all bad! After all, it does mean Christmas is well and truly on its way! Hurrah! And with that glorious though in mind, I’d like you all to take a look at this…

KawaiiPunk Christmas Cards!
Yep, that’s right, it’s the fantastically festive KawaiiPunk Christmas card collection! Woo hoo! Now you can amaze your friends and family by sending them cards with myself and my good friend the Snowman Mascot on them. How cool is that? No pun intended! All you have to do is head on over to our Zazzle or CafePress shops and you can have your very own kawaii Christmas! Ho ho ho!

Happy writing,
Frost Mascot :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lovely Goods from Lovely Girls

written by Adorable Mascot

A lot of people think choosing the right name is an art. And as someone who’s called the Adorable Mascot, I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with them! What? I am adorable :) So when I heard about a shop called Lovely Girls I knew I was going to be in for a kawaii treat! And, you’ll be happy to hear, I was right! Don’t believe me? Then take a look at this…

Lovely Girls at Zazzle
What you are looking at is just a tiny fraction of the incredible kawaii goodies available from the equally incredible Lovely Girls Zazzle shop! And what a shop it is! Packed with over a thousand super cute products, the Lovely Girls shop can truly be said to be a one stop shop for all things kawaii! Looking for cute t-shirts? They’ve got them! Want some sweet stationery? Step right up! Fancy a kawaii skateboard! No problem! In fact, this shop’s got so many cute goodies, you may never have to shop anywhere else again!

Loving the loveliness,
Adorable Mascot :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A New Ed Mascot?

Readers' Emails

Dear Ed Mascot,

As a regular reader (yes, you do have some!) I was very excited to read your recent post about the new KawaiiPunk logo. (Re. New KawaiiPunk Logo! At Last!) However, it also got me thinking… Why stop at a new logo, when there’s so many other things at KawaiiPunk you could change too! Can you guess what I’m talking about? That’s right! Mascot makeovers! I know, I’m a genius! And where better to start than with your own sweet self…

Ed Mascot makeover!
Brilliant, isn’t it? As you can see I’ve decided to give you contact lenses, a new hairstyle, and a bowtie - because everyone loves bowties! And, even if I do say so myself, I think it improves your looks ten fold! If not, more! And best of all, as I’m sure everyone will undoubtedly agree, with this cracking new image you’ll never be called a nerd again! Because I have heard that happens quite a lot! Sorry!

Your sensational stylist,
Tamara Tallulah

Ed Mascot replies...

Thanks Tamara. It’s always nice to hear from our regular readers. And a relief to know we actually have some! And thanks for the mascot makeover mock-up too! I’ll be sure to try it out some day, if I’m ever invited to a “dress like an oddball” party that is!

Thanks again,
Ed Mascot :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Top Toys from Twistyfishies

written by Cute Mascot

Here at the KawaiiPunk Blog we mascots are all fans of the cute. And I’m not talking about myself when I say that! Although, just between you and me, I am one of the more popular mascots around here :) But while we often feature posts about jewellery and t-shirts, there is one area of the cute-o-sphere we often overlook… toys! Well, today that changes readers. Because today we’re going to meet the amazing Twistyfishies…

Twistyfishies at Etsy
See what I mean? Twistyfishies is an Etsy shop that sells fantastically cute amigurumi, felt, and plush toys. And with everything from birds and bunnies to foxes and bears it really is a shop with something for everyone! It’s even got a monkey! And an elephant! And a lion! And a giraffe too! And a… ahhh, why don’t you head on over and find out for yourselves! Believe me, you won’t be disappointed :)

Keeping it cute,
Cute Mascot :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

New KawaiiPunk Logo! At Last!

written by Ed Mascot

As regular readers may have noticed, there’s something not quite right about this blog. And no, I’m not talking about our use of the phrase “regular readers.” After all, we’re bound to have some! At least I hope we do! Anyway… what I am talking about is the KawaiiPunk logo. You know, the one that doesn’t actually say KawaiiPunk! Well guess what folks? Yip, after only two years of using a logo that doesn’t actually state our name, the guy behind KawaiiPunk has finally got around to creating a new one! And here it is…

It's the new KawaiiPunk logo!
Pretty cool, isn’t it? Unfortunately however, at the time of writing this post, the only place you’re going to find this new logo is right here! In this very post! But fear not folks, because we’ll soon be rolling out this new logo on all our KawaiiPunk websites and shops! And we’ll probably be featuring it on some t-shirts too! Although given it’s taken two years to get this far, I don’t think I’ll be holding my breath! Still, better late than never!

Getting there in the end,
Ed Mascot :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cute Fun at ClumsyPlush!

written by Imp Mascot

As an Imp, I am always on the look out for fun and frivolity, as I’m sure many of you are too! And today, you lucky readers, I’m going to help you out with that search. Because today I’m going to share with you a fantastic shop that’s fit to burst with all things fun. So get ready to exercise those smiles folks, because here comes ClumsyPlush…

Kawaii goodies galore at ClumsyPlush!
Ta da! ClumsyPlush is a fun finders dream come true, packed with some of the cutest characters you’re ever likely to see! And with everything from t-shirts and buttons to bookmarks and toys, it’s also got some of the cutest goodies you’re ever likely to buy! So the next time you’re looking for a bit of kawaii cheer, you’ll know where to go! Enjoy yourselves, folks!

Your fun finding friend,
Imp Mascot :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Horoscopes for November 2010

written by Mystic Mascot

Ahhhh… the mists clear, the spirits emerge, and once again we find ourselves here. Yes, it looks like it’s that time of the month again readers. The time to find out what your futures hold! Read on, if you dare…

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20
A laborious and repetitive task will drive you to the brink of madness this month! Congratulations! It’s time to write those Christmas cards!
Lucky prime number: 6,991

Taurus Apr 21 - May 21
The early bird may catch the worm, but unfortunately he doesn’t sell them! Remember this to avoid an embarrassing fishing trip incident!
Lucky prime number: 17

Gemini May 22 - Jun 22
Now’s the time to start dropping those hints about that Christmas present you want! Unless you want socks, in which case you’re already sorted!
Lucky prime number: 853

Cancer Jun 23 - Jul 23
An unwanted visit from an unwanted guest at an unwanted time will lead to an unwanted situation! Still, at least it’s nice to be wanted!
Lucky prime number: 7,817

Leo Jul 24 - Aug 23
A potentially embarrassing event looms ominously on the horizon this month. Start think of excuses now to get out of that office Christmas party!
Lucky prime number: 3

Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23
Avoiding anything with the word “avoiding” in it is the key to avoiding trouble this month. Woops… I’ve done it again, haven’t I?
Lucky prime number: 103,997

Libra Sep 24 - Oct 23
Congratulations! A whole load of luck is headed your way this month! Although I can’t tell whether it’s the good or the bad variety! Sorry!
Lucky prime number: 5,197

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22
Competing in a world championship table tennis tournament could spell you downfall this month! Still… shouldn’t be too hard to avoid, should it?
Lucky prime number: 89,491

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21
An utterly pointless yet amazingly accurate horoscope prediction will be read by a Capricorn this month! See below for proof!
Lucky prime number: 61

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20
An utterly pointless yet amazingly accurate horoscope prediction will be read by a Sagittarian this month! See above for proof!
Lucky prime number: 98,807

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19
Saving money on Christmas presents in the current financial climate is indeed a good idea! Doing it by not buying anyone anything isn’t! You have been warned!
Lucky prime number: 1,091

Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20
A chance encounter with an irate omelette salesman could leave you with egg on your face. Avoid irate omelette salesmen and you should be OK!
Lucky prime number: 1,299,257

Ahhhh… the mists return, the spirits depart, and the future now lies bare. But did they bring you what you wished for? Or did they bring you what you wished for least? Until we meet again dear readers,
Mystic Mascot :)