Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adorably Horrible!

Readers' Art

Dear Skull Mascot,

I’m writing to you in response to the email this blog received on 15th of October 2010 from the very irate and, dare I say, somewhat short sighted Vanessa Thompson. (Re. Horribly Adorable!) In her email Vanessa stated, for the third time no less, that this blog ignores its “kawaii” duties in the month of October by favouring the more monstrous mascots over their cute counterparts to promote Halloween. Well, as someone who believes it is possible to be both cute and creepy at the same time, I would argue that this blog is actually guilty of the exact opposite - favouring the cute mascots over their monstrous counterparts for, not one, but eleven months of the year! And to illustrate my point, I have created this…

An adorable Skull Mascot!
You see, what Vanessa has failed to grasp is the notion that yourself, and your fellow monstrous mascots, can be just as “kawaii” as the Cute, Adorable, and Sweet Mascots. I mean, just look how I’ve managed to turn your own horribly hideous self into a lovable, huggable ball of fluffy kawaii goodness! In fact, I reckon it’s such a good look for you, you should seriously consider adopting it full time! Whaddya think?

Your creepy kawaii fan,
Angela Anderson. Aged 19.

Skull Mascot replies...

Thanks Angela, it’s always nice to hear from a fan of my “horribly hideous self” as you so succinctly put it! At least, I think it is! With regards to adopting your new look full time however, I think I may have to pass. After all, with eleven months off a year, I reckon I’ve got it sweet enough already :)

Thanks again,
Skull Mascot :)

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