Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monthly Round-up. September 2010

written by Ed Mascot

And so another month in the life of the KawaiiPunk Blog comes to an end. And what a mixed up month it was. A month that saw us welcome the 50th KawaiiPunk Mascot not once, not twice, but three times! Well, I suppose if I’d worked out who it actually was in the first place properly… oh well! At least we got to meet some cool crafters and designers along the way, like Piktoland, Adopt an Alien, and Kookizu to name a few. And let’s not forget our monthly puzzle. Did you work out who the Robot was transporting?

Did you work out who the Robot Mascot was transporting?
Wow! It was the Nerd Mascot! Who’d have predicted that! Well, now that I think about it, if you’re looking for a volunteer for a sci-fi related experiment… Anyway, that’s the fun and games over for this month folks, but be sure to come back next month for more of the same. And also some tricks and treats too! Well, it is going to be Halloween after all!

See you all in October.
Your host with the most,
Ed Mascot :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tasty Treats at the LadyBugsPicnic

written by Punk Mascot

A lot of people think it’s impossible to be both punk and cute. They say it’s got to be one or the other, but never both! Well I say phooey to them! I’m a punk, and I’m as cute as they come, even if I do say so myself :) And what’s more, I’m not the only one to think that way! Recently I found a shop that’s managed to combine punk and cute in perfect harmony, and today I’d like you to meet them too…

Cute punk goodies at LadyBugsPicnic!
See? I told you, didn’t I? What you are looking at are just some of the products available from the fantastic LadyBugsPicnic store. At LadyBugsPicnic you can pick up super cute punk tees and baby grows for your aspiring little anarchists - there’s even one with Johnny Rotten on it! How punk is that? In fact, it’s even got mutant dolls for sale too! Who says punk and cute can’t go together?

Keeping punk pretty,
Punk Mascot :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Back to School for Ed!

Readers' Art

Dear Ed Mascot,

It seems like you’ve had quite the month, haven’t you? What with welcoming the wrong 50th KawaiiPunk Kawaii Mascot, not once, but twice! Well, I couldn’t help but feel for you. After all, we all make mistakes from time to time, and it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! Anyway, given your unfortunate run of bad luck, I thought I’d have a go at making some art to cheer you up…

Ha ha!
Unfortunately, as I’m sure you can see, I couldn’t think of anything suitably cheery so decided to make fun of your misfortune instead! Well, as they say… if you can’t laugh at yourself… I did this by drawing a picture of you wearing a dunce cap and looking completely confused by the simplest of calculations. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Yours sincerely,
Isabella Ross. Aged 88.

Ed Mascot replies...

Wow! Thanks Isabella! And thanks for trying to cheer me up! It certainly was a chore trying to work out who the 50th Mascot was, but at least we got there in the end! Although I think I’ll skip any celebrations for the 100th KawaiiPunk Mascot - just to be on the safe side :)

Keep those artworks coming,
Ed Mascot :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Styles from Stamptout

written by Adorable Mascot

As regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of all things cute and cuddly. Well, they don’t call me the Adorable Mascot for nothing :) And today I’d like to share with you a shop I recently found that’s got cute and cuddly written all over it. Not to mention inside it too :) So sit back, make yourselves comfortable, and get ready for a tasty treat called Stamptout…

Stamptout at RedBubble
See? I told you it was cute and cuddly! Stamptout is a ReddBubble shop that sells beautiful t-shirts, cards, and prints - all of which are adorned with some truly adorable artwork. From pirates and fairies, to dollies and bunnies, Stamptout really does have something for everyone. In fact, it’s even got a Thingy-ma-jig too! And you don’t get that in every shop, do you?

Always loving the cute,
Adorable Mascot :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Transporter Turmoil! Robot Mascot!

written by Puzzle Mascot

Hurrah! It’s that time of the month again folks! The time you’ve all been looking forward to! The time you wish would come around sooner, but always seems to make you wait! The time when this blog finally gets to hear from yours truly! What? A mascot can’t blow his own trumpet now and again :) Yes readers, it’s puzzle time! Woo hoo! And this month I’ve got a puzzle with a decidedly sci-fi feel to it! Here, have a look…

Can you work out which mascot is being transported?
Wow! Absolutely amazing! It seems the Robot Mascot has decided to build himself a transportation device! And, even more amazingly, has managed to talk one of his fellow mascots into volunteering to try it out! Rather him than me :) But wait! It looks like the transporter is malfunctioning! What a catastrophe! But wait again! It looks like the Robot Mascot can fix it! The question is… can you work out which mascot Robot is trying to transport in his new device? The answer, as ever, will be revealed in this month’s monthly round-up!

Happy transporting folks,
Puzzle Mascot :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

KawaiiPunk Still Welcomes Wrong 50th Mascot!

Readers' Emails

Dear Ed Mascot,

I’m not usually one to rain on a man’s parade (Re. KawaiiPunk Welcomes 50th Mascot!), or should that be two parades (Re. KawaiiPunk Welcomes Wrong 50th Mascot!), but I fear that I may have to. You see, in my last email (Re. A Gallery of Ghosts?) you told me there were two KawaiiPunk Mascots that were dropped during the 2009 makeover. If that is the case then surely neither the Queasy nor the Tantrum Mascot can possibly be the 50th KawaiiPunk Kawaii Mascot! Here, let me explain…

50th KawaiiPunk Mascot - it's Awestruck!
You see, as the Queasy Mascot was not only predated by the Blank Mascot, but also the Tiger and Mermaid Mascots this means that he was in fact the 53rd KawaiiPunk Kawaii Mascot. And the honour of being the 50th KawaiiPunk Kawaii Mascot should actually go to the Awestruck Mascot! And, even though you didn’t want any of this to reflect on your competence as a blogger, I feel I must point out that this fact makes your original post a staggering four months overdue!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,
Buddy Rockford

Ed Mascot replies...

Oh yeah… I never thought of that either! Oh well, looks like it’s time for another party! Congratulations Awestruck Mascot! And another commiseration party - sorry Tantrum Mascot! Boy… this counting lark’s harder than it looks! And the constant partying ain’t no walk in the park either!

My brain hurts,
Ed Mascot :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Adopt an Alien at Adopt an Alien

written by Alien Mascot

You may have noticed at the KawaiiPunk Blog that some of the mascots here seem to have more than their fair share of posts. Not that I’m one to name names, but I would definitely say that Sweet, Cute, and Adorable are the worst offenders! Woops - looks like I am one to name names :) Anyway, in an attempt to break up the monopoly of my aforementioned colleagues, I’ve decided to write a post of my very own! And what can an Alien contribute to a kawaii blog, I hear you ask. Well, take a look at this…

Adopt an Alien at Etsy!
That’s right folks! I’ve only gone and found a shop that sells cute handmade aliens! How cool am I? And, more importantly, how cute are they? The aliens you are looking at are from the amazingly cute Adopt an Alien Etsy shop, and every one of them has been lovingly hand crafted for you to take home. And they even come with their own birth certificates too! All you need to do is head on over and pick out your favourite little alien! Or, better still, favourite little aliens!

Your extra terrestrial treatster,
Alien Mascot :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kawaiification! Lovely Lighting!

Readers' Emails

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’d like to start this email by apologising for not getting in touch sooner. I know I’ve used that opening line on many an occasion and am probably beginning to sound like a broken record, but that doesn’t make the sentiment any less heartfelt. After all, in my last email (Re. Kawaiification! Football Fun!) I promised you a summer filled with kawaiified treats, but unfortunately have failed to deliver! Well, that changes now! So for your viewing pleasure I have created this…

It's a kawaiified lightswitch!
Yes, it’s a kawaiified light switch! You see, while I’d planned for a summer of kawaiifying joy in the open air, it turned out my wife had planned for a summer of DIY! And as the sun shone down and the birds sung sweetly over the summer months I spent my days indoors up to my neck in paint and wallpaper paste! But, as you can see, all was not in vain! For during this time I did manage to happen upon this remarkable light switch that was just crying out for a kawaii makeover. I do hope you enjoy it!

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Justice Smithering Smythe (retired)

Ed Mascot replies...

Incredible! Even when you’re busy doing DIY, you still find time for a spot of kawaiification! Mr. Justice Smithering Smythe (retired) - you are an inspiration to us all!

Keep up the great work,
Ed Mascot :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cute and Kooky Kookizu!

written by Doll Mascot

As a mascot for dolls, I am all too aware of the importance of accessories. After all, where would Weekender Sindy have been without her shoulder bag? Where would Malibu Barbie have been without her sunglasses? And where would Peteena the Pampered Poodle have been without her… skis? Anyway, as we all know accessories are the key to a successful look. And I’m not just talking about dolls when I say that. Have a look at this…

Kookizu for cute accessories!
What you are looking at are just some of the amazing accessories available from the utterly kawaii-tastic Kookizu. And yes, you’re right - they are very cute, aren’t they! The Kookizu shop sells necklaces, earrings, bracelets, badges, pins, and rings - and every one of them oozes with the charm and charisma of cute cool kawaii! So the next time you’re looking to accessorise in style, you’ll know that Kookizu is the place to go! Don’t say I never treat you :)

Your ace accessory to ace accessories,
Doll Mascot :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

KawaiiPunk Welcomes Wrong 50th Mascot!

Readers' Emails

Dear Ed Mascot,

Well, well, well… it seems that my last email (Re. Wishing You a Blank Christmas!) has fallen upon deaf ears! I refer of course to your recent post welcoming the 50th mascot to KawaiiPunk (Re. KawaiiPunk Welcomes 50th Mascot!). A post in which you clearly declared the Queasy Mascot to be the 50th KawaiiPunk Kawaii Mascot. Well… if that is indeed the case, as you so adamantly state, then pray tell me what number the Blank Mascot is! Perhaps this diagram may help you…

50th KawaiiPunk Mascot - it's Tantrum!
You see Ed, it seems that yet again you have overlooked the presence of the much ignored Blank Mascot! As he has clearly been here longer than the Queasy Mascot, and is himself a KawaiiPunk Kawaii Mascot, it is completely impossible for the Queasy Mascot to be the 50th Mascot! He is in fact the 51st Mascot. This means that the actual 50th KawaiiPunk Kawaii Mascot is the Tantrum Mascot. It also means your celebratory post was not two months late but three, as the Tantrum Mascot arrived way back in June!

Please get your act together,
Arthur D. Pendleton.

Ed Mascot replies...

Oh yeah… I never thought of that! Still, at least that gives us a good excuse to have another celebration party! Congratulations Tantrum! And a commiseration one too - sorry Queasy!

Ed Mascot :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Go Crazy for Andi Bird!

written by Loco Mascot

Well readers, it looks like I’ve lived up to my name once again. Yep, you’ve guessed it, I’ve gone absolutely crazy! But don’t worry, it isn’t time to call in the men in white coats just yet! No, sir! Because the craziness I’m talking about is over a brand new designer I’ve just discovered. She’s called Andi Bird, and her work looks a little something like this…

Andi Bird at Zazzle
Pretty cool, isn’t it? Andi Bird is a graphic designer whose distinctive and colourful style is enough to drive anyone crazy - crazy with joy that is! And her Zazzle shop is just the place to indulge in this joy! Packed with cute characters and dreamy designs on everything from t-shirts and cards to mousepads and mugs, it is also just the place for a calming spot of retail therapy! Which is a good thing! After all, can you imagine how crazy I’d be if I couldn’t buy anything :)

Always crazy for cute,
Loco Mascot :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

KawaiiPunk Welcomes 50th Mascot!

written by Ed Mascot

Greetings readers, it’s your host with the most here! And it’s time for a celebration! Yes, it’s true! Our ever expanding family of KawaiiPunk Kawaii Mascots has recently welcomed its 50th member. Yes, you did read that correctly! F-I-F-T-Y! Woo hoo! And just who is the mascot that has received this timely and prestigious honour? Why, it’s none other than our very own Queasy Mascot…

50th KawaiiPunk Mascot - it's Queasy!
Hurrah! Of course, some of our more eagle eyed readers may have noticed that this landmark event in the history of KawaiiPunk actually happened way back in July, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate now, does it? And it also in no way whatsoever should reflect upon my competence as a blogger! After all, we all forget to do things from time to time, don’t we? And I am very busy what with… um… er… all the stuff I have to do! Anyway, let’s not dwell that, let’s get back to the party! Hip hip hooray!

Your marvellous master of ceremonies,
Ed Mascot :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cute Stationery from Piktoland

written by Lovestruck Mascot

Ahhh… letters! Where would we be without them? Sure, theses days we’ve got email and FaceBook and MySpace and Twitter and a million other ways to send a message, but when it comes to that personal touch you just can’t beat a good old fashioned letter. Especially if it’s a love letter - my favourite kind of letter :) So, with this in mind, I’d like to introduce you all to the suitably lovely work of Piktoland…

Piktoland at Etsy
Gorgeous, isn’t it? Piktoland is an Etsy shop that specialises in creating cute and colourful stationery. And with everything from note cards and gift tags to bookmarks and notebooks it really is a one stop shop for all your stationery needs. So much so in fact, that the only thing you’ll have to worry about is finding enough friends to send all these gorgeous goodies to! Enjoy!

Keeping letters lovely,
Lovestruck Mascot :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Horoscopes for September 2010

written by Mystic Mascot

Ahhhh… the mists clear and the spirits enter. Will they be bringing us fortunate tidings? Or will they be bringing us horrid forebodings? There’s only one way to be sure! Read on, if you dare…

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20
Not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes it’s just glitter! Keep this in mind to avoid disappointment, and don’t quit your job until you’re sure!
Lucky monkey: Guatemalan Black Howler Monkey

Taurus Apr 21 - May 21
An encounter with a group of pigeons has the potential to cause you great embarrassment. Avoid this by telling people it’s a Jackson Pollock t-shirt!
Lucky monkey: Red-backed Bearded Saki Monkey

Gemini May 22 - Jun 22
A lottery win could change your life for the better in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine! Although it’s very unlikely to happen! Sorry!
Lucky monkey: Black-striped Capuchin Monkey

Cancer Jun 23 - Jul 23
The carrot is sometimes better than the stick! Particularly when cooking! Remember this when those unexpected guests turn up for dinner!
Lucky monkey: Superagui Lion Tamarin Monkey

Leo Jul 24 - Aug 23
The expression “fast food” refers to the serving time of the meal, so don’t be too disappointed when your burger just sits there doing nothing!
Lucky monkey: Barbara Brown's Titi Monkey

Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23
Swimming is a good way to stay in shape. Doing it in a strangers pool without permission is a good way to get arrested! Remember this distinction!
Lucky monkey: Red-handed Howler Monkey

Libra Sep 24 - Oct 23
An encounter with an irate omelette chef has the potential to leave you with egg on your face! Avoid irate omelette chefs and you should be OK!
Lucky monkey: Mottle-faced Tamarin Monkey

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22
A mix up at the supermarket will you see you leave with someone else’s shopping. Luckily they’ll have bought the same things as you, so you won’t know it’s happened!
Lucky monkey: Prince Bernhard's Titi Monkey

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21
A shadowy figure from your past will come back to haunt you this month. Best book a holiday now to avoid this! You have been warned!
Lucky monkey: Golden-bellied Capuchin Monkey

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20
Good news! That thing you’ve been wishing would happen is finally going to happen! Bad news! Unfortunately it’s going to happen to someone else!
Lucky monkey: Collared Titi Monkey

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19
Doing it yourself is a good way to save money. It is not however a good way to save time! Remember this if you are in a hurry!
Lucky monkey: Black-capped Squirrel Monkey

Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20
Now’s a good time for a career change, if you’ve been thinking about a career change. If you haven’t been thinking of a career change, then don’t bother!
Lucky monkey: Uta Hick's Bearded Saki Monkey

Ahhhh… the mists return, and the spirits depart once more. But did they bring you what you wanted? Are you set for four weeks of fun? Or are you braced for four weeks of fear? Until we meet again dear readers,
Mystic Mascot :)