Wednesday, August 4, 2010

KawaiiPunk Paper Toys from Ruang Antho

written by Cubist Mascot

A couple of months ago you may remember I introduced you all to the fantastic paper crafting creations of Ruang Antho. (Re. Papercraft Zakumi from Ruang Antho) Well, today we’re going to be looking at some more of Antho’s amazing creations. And, if you look closely enough, you may just see some familiar looking faces among them! Here, have a look…

KawaiiPunk paper toys from Ruang Antho
Well, did you spot them? Of course you did! It’s us! Yes folks, in Antho’s first collaboration with KawaiiPunk, he’s set about creating some super cool paper models of myself and four of my mascot colleagues - Stereo, TV, Demon, and Adorable! And so can you! Just head on over to Antho’s blog, download the files, and print, cut, and glue. Voila! You’re very own KawaiiPunk Mascot paper toys! Enjoy!

Thank you Antho, from all of us at KawaiiPunk,
Cubist Mascot :)