Friday, August 13, 2010

It’s a Paper Box World!

written by Awestruck Mascot

There are many things in life that amaze me. Well, I am the Awestruck Mascot, so I suppose that’s only to be expected :) But the one thing that amazes me above all others is the creativity of other people. Recently I was introduced to one such individual, and today I’d like you to meet them too. They’re called Dré, and their awe inspiring work looks like this…

Free paper toys at Paper Box World!
Pretty cool, isn’t it? Dré runs a website called Paper Box World where people can download and make amazing paper toys - and all for free too! Among the astounding papercraft collection, of which there are currently over 30 different models, you’ll find chickens, cats, rabbits, race cars, hot rods, fire trucks, and many, many more besides! In fact, there’s even a piece called The Toilet Team! And believe me, if that one doesn’t leave you awestruck, I don’t know what will!

Happy cutting and pasting,
Awestruck Mascot :)