Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Times with Smile Recipe!

written by Robot Mascot

For most of the mascots here at KawaiiPunk writing about cute comes easy - especially the Cute Mascot! Understandably so, I suppose :) But for me, the Robot Mascot, things are a little bit trickier. You see, having a super computer for a brain does mean I tend to favour groovy gadgets over gorgeous goodies - mobile phones, PDAs, handheld gaming devices, etc, etc, etc. But that doesn’t mean I can’t contribute to this kawaii blog! Have a look at this…

Smile Recipe at Etsy
What you are looking at are just some of the adorable products available from Smile Recipe at Etsy. The Smile Recipe shop specialises in making beautifully cute handmade goodies that put a smile on the face of all that see them. And, as well as stickers and buttons, they also have plenty of super cute gadget cases too! See? I told you I could contribute :)

Making gadgets gorgeous,
Robot Mascot :)

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