Monday, July 12, 2010

Tiffany Atkin. Sweet and Stylish

written by Sweet Mascot

With summer well and truly upon us, I’m sure many of you will be thinking about updating your wardrobe for these sun filled days - I know I am. Although, to be honest, I’m pretty much always thinking about updating my wardrobe! Well, I am the go to mascot for all things style related, so it’s kind of my job :) Which brings me, quite aptly, to this…

Tiffany Atkin at RedBubble
What you’re looking at, my friendly friends in fashion, is the sensational work of Tiffany Atkin at RedBubble. Tiffany is a designer and illustrator whose light and colourful work encapsulates the very essence sun filled lazy days. And also manages to be effortlessly cute and cool at the same time - a perfect look for this time of year! So if you’re looking for a cute new t-shirt to show off your style, I’d suggest you start your search right here. Don’t say I never treat you…

Your sensational summer stylist,
Sweet Mascot :)