Friday, July 30, 2010

Lucky 7 Spanner Set!

Readers' Art

Dear Lucky 7 Mascot,

After the disappointing response to my last invention (Re. Hoopla Minotaur Mascot!) I thought I’d have another go at creating a novelty product for you KawaiiPunk mascots. After all, I didn’t get where I am today by giving up on the first go! And so, for your consideration, not to mention the undoubted viewing pleasure of your readers, I have crated this masterpiece…

Lucky 7 Mascot Spanner Set!
It’s the Lucky 7 Mascot Spanner Set. Stunning, isn’t it? I got the idea for it while staring in disbelief at your bizarrely shaped head - excuse my frankness! And, as before, I’m prepared to offer you a seat at the table for the undoubted riches that this product is sure to reap! And the cost to you for getting this project off the ground? A meagre $3.47 million! Cheap at half the price!

Prof. Waldo P Wilkinson. Aged 105.
(It was my birthday last week, in case you’re wondering!)

Lucky 7 Mascot replies...

Sorry Waldo, but I’m afraid the only thing I’m going to offer you is belated birthday wishes! Although I have to admit, I do admire your tenacity!

Better luck next time,
Lucky 7 Mascot :)

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