Monday, July 19, 2010

Hoopla Minotaur Mascot!

Readers' Art

Dear Minotaur Mascot,

I’m an keen amatuer inventor who specialises in the creation and development of novelty products. Recently, while trying to find the next big thing for my latest project, I found myself directed to this blog by a popular search engine - I know, I’ve no idea why it sent me here either! Anyway, after getting over my initial disappoint, I noticed you like to encourage your readers to send in their art, and thought I might as well have a go. And so, putting all my professional expertise into action, I created this…

Minotaur Mascot Hoopla Game!
It’s a Minotaur Mascot Hoopla Game! I know, it is genius, isn’t it? And what’s more, I reckon it might actually be a seller! After all, what kid doesn’t play hoopla, right? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this invention and, if you’re interested in taking it further, I reckon I could put a working prototype together for a mere $1.5 million!

Whaddya think?
Prof. Waldo P Wilkinson. Aged 104.

Minotaur Mascot replies...

Wow! Just when I thought this blog had seen it all, along comes Waldo to reset the bar for everyone! $1.5 million? One word, sir - PASS! Although I do like the picture :)

Thanks, but no thanks,
Minotaur Mascot :)

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