Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holiday Blues!

Ask a Mascot

Dear Tantrum Mascot,

As someone who seems to be pretty adept at getting their own way, I thought you might be able to help with a problem I’m having. You see… next week I’ll be going on holiday with my dad and my seven brothers - and no, that isn’t typo! It isn’t that I don’t like my dad and my brothers but, being the only girl in the family, it does mean I am constantly outnumbered and outvoted when it comes to choosing holiday activities. And, even though they all seem to enjoy it, I find the prospect of spending the next six weeks hill walking, camping, and white water rafting an absolute drag! I’d much prefer shopping, sightseeing, and sunbathing any day of week! After all, aren’t holidays supposed to be about relaxing? Anyway, I was hoping you could give me some handy tips for getting my own way. For once!

Yours hopefully,
Sarah Perkins.

Tantrum Mascot replies...

Fear not Sarah! If there’s one thing I know all about, it’s how to get what you want! And, luckily for you, I’d be more than happy to share my expertise. So… here’s my top 5 tips for getting your own way…

1. Asking! As the old adage goes… “If you don’t ask, you don’t get!” Sometimes the key to getting what you want is to simply be upfront about it. Although most of the time, it isn’t!

2. Reverse psychology! Make your target do what you want by suggesting they won’t do it! A very powerful technique, but perhaps you shouldn’t use it! (Did you see what I did there?)

3. Persistent moaning! Never underestimate the power of a good moan! Be relentless and consistent, and eventually your target will crack! That’s how I got my pet goldfish! Result!

4. Truth bending! a.k.a. lying! Your dad and your brothers can’t go white water rafting if the road to the river is closed. What? They didn’t hear about the avalanche? It was all over the news! Hee-hee-hee!

5. The full on tantrum! If all else fails then it’s time bring out the big guns! Choose a public place with plenty of onlookers and just let rip! Shout, scream, cry, kick, and punch until you’re blue in the face! Highly effective, and great fun too :)

So there you go Sarah, my top 5 tips for getting your own way. And don’t be put off using number 5 by thinking you’re too old for it. This woman wasn’t, and she’s a mum and everything…

See? Living proof that you’re never too old for a good old fashioned tantrum! And, as I’m sure you noticed, it also got her the result she was looking for! Just as it will for you! Well… as long as your dad and your brothers don’t read this too!

Happy holidays,
Tantrum Mascot :)

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