Friday, June 4, 2010

World Cup Wonders!

Readers' Art

Dear Sneaky Mascot,

With the 2010 World Cup a mere week away I thought now would be a good time to introduce some much needed football into this blog. Granted, being a kawaii blog I’m guessing it doesn’t really want to be filling itself with football, but what the hey? I’m going to do it anyway! And, in a tribute to your own sneaky self, I’ve decided to do it in a sneaky way - by disguising it as a kawaii artwork…

A Kawaiified World Cup Wonder!
What d’ya think? It’s a kawaii interpretation of the infamous “Hand of God” moment from the 1986 quarter-final between England and Argentina. I’ve cast yourself in the role of Diego Maradona - a fitting choice with a name like yours! - and decided the Miffed Mascot should take the role of Peter Shilton - again, a fitting choice given the decision to let the goal stand! Roll on June 11th!

Yours sincerely,
Charlie “Chopper” McAllister. Aged 53.

Sneaky Mascot replies...

Thanks Charlie! What a great piece of art! And what a pleasure to see myself in such an infamous incident of sneakiness! Although the Ed Mascot has asked me to let our younger readers know that cheats never prosper - YAWN!

Thanks again,
Sneaky Mascot :)

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